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:) Mark

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Consoles... Computers and Emulators!

I thought you'd all like to see my list of consoles and computers that I have owned in my time. I was also a huge arcade goer during the 80's and early 90's and spent many pounds on arcade machines. I still own from number 12 upwards.

01. "Pong" Clone machine
02. Sinclair ZX81
03. Amstrad CPC 464
04. Sinclair ZX Spectrum
05. Sega Master System
06. Commodore Amiga 500
07. Amstrad CPC 6128+
08. Sega Megadrive
09. Commodore Amiga 1200
10. Super Nintendo
11. AMD Athlon 750 PC.
12. Sony Playstation
13. AMD 64 3500+ PC
14. Sony Playstation 2
15. Sega Dreamcast
16. Nintendo Gameboy Advance
17. Sony Playstation 3
18. Nintendo DS
19. Nintendo Wii
20. Tons of emulators to play everything from 1-10 and alot lot more!

During the 8-bit era of the 1980's I had alot of access to the Vic20 and Commodore 64 machines also, but never owned either of them. Through the joys of emulation, I can now enjoy the machines I missed out on, and the machines I didn't own. Oh the wonders of modern technology! I'm particularly enjoying numerous versions of Phonix at the moment on various formats.

On Friday (25th January 2008) I bought a Nintendo Wii which is on the big TV downstairs. So far it's been fun! I had a few games with it, but will trade those in in time and get the new Mario Galaxy game. Also playing alot of the new Nintendo DS Lite that I got for nothing off a mate! Gee! I'd have never thought I was a Nintendo freak!

:) See you soon!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Tekken Vs Street Fighter

God, apart from my racing games, I love my beat-em ups. Lately though, two in particular have been on my PS3. Tekken 5: DR and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS1 version). The thing is, which of these do I love best? And which is my favourite beat-em up of all time? Well, lets take a little look shall we...

Tekken series: Some nifty 3D graphics, Tekken 5:DR has some of the nicest graphics I have ever seen on any console, and the game has around 30 playable characters from start. Each character is well different and take an age to master. My favourite character is Nina Williams, she just rocks! Especially in that pink nurses outfit (cough cough)! I've played all the Tekken's since it's earliest incarnation, and of them all I'd have to say my two favourites (as it hard to seperate them) are Tekken 3 on the PS1 and 5:DR on the PS3... Awsome stuff!

Street Fighter Alpha series: Now although I've always love my Street Fighters, it wasn't until Alpha 3 that I really fell in love with it. Yes, it's 2D, but it's still awesome! Of course my favourites are Ken and Ryu, just cos I have mastered most of their moves. I can play this game all day, and the world championship part of the game is amazing.

Other Fighters: Of course, I love other beat-em ups, Mortal Combat series, the SNK Vs Capcom games, I owe loads of different versions of these games on the PS1/PS2/PS3/Dreamcast etc, and of the games I have mentioned, SNK V Capcom is one amazing experience.

My favourite beat-em up of all time then? Well... Tekken without a doubt! There's just something sooooooo cool about it. It rocks!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Life Sucks

Life sucks... Well, if the World didn't suck we'd all fall off... But life really sucks.

:) Mark