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:) Mark

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy New Year!

Ok, so it's the eve of New Years eve. Just incase I don't get the chance, have a Happy New Year!

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I have quite a few games, so be prepared to play me at something!

On a little side note, this Christmas week WAS the best week this year, even though I have been really ill since boxing day. I had a virus that totally knocked me out, made me bed-bound until today, and even now I have lost the hearing in my left ear :( Ouch! It hurts. But what made it so good was the fact that Sara came down from Newport on Friday, nice and early, and has been with me until this morning. Everything was wonderful... And then an hour before she left, it was like there was this evil-time-bomb inside her, she totally changed. We had a HUGE argument for no reason other than I asked why she had suddenly gone into a bad mood (AH! Thats why!). One word lead to another and now... she says its all over for good this time.

Now, I've been here a few times since Saras accident a few weeks ago, but why oh why does this keep happening? It's like she shows she loves me, then she takes it away.... Each and every time!!! This week for example, amazing London trip, best Christmas, bad illness but she comes to comfort me and then... BANG!!!! Anyone got ANY ideas? Please let me know, cos I am pulling my hair out at the moment, as much as I love her!

Anyways, Happy New Year Amigos, talk soon!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas Everybody

Or, as we say here "Merry Xmas Butt, ow pissed are ew!". So, finally Christmas is here and it really is the best time of year. I've been out and about buying pressies and generally stressing over what to get people, but finally my work is done.

I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. My friends in America who are into their Jan & Dean and Beach Boys music. My friends on the Playstation Network. My friends on the retro gaming forums, and all the rest of you who have stuck by me through thick and thin.

May 2008 bring us peace and a better World to live in...


Monday, 10 December 2007

...And girlfriend Ho Ho Ho's.

Ok, so thing is, had one of the best weekends ever this weekend with Sara. Strange how arguments the previous week can make things so much better when you have staff parties etc to go to.

Anyways, we went to The Comedy Club (Glee) in Cardiff and it was a great night. The first comedian was a Yank and was absolutly shite! The whole place just fell silent, and I think everyone thought the night was gonna be crap. However, there was a surprise for us all, as the next act was none other than Rob Brydon, who if you don't know has won numerous comedy awards, and infact is Welsh himself. The crowd went wild, and the night really started going with a bang. The final comedian was an Irish fella Colin Murphy. Now, I now Sara nor myself had heard of him, but he is apprantly a huge comedic figure, and he surely was, as he tore the house down.

On the downside, I paid £16 for a small platter of food, which consisted of chips, sweetcorn and a couple of chicken legs which was damn-right horrible. On Saturday we regretted the food as it made us both feel quite shitty.

Also over the weekend I got home on Sunday evening and managed to play my latest game purchase, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the PS3. Wow! Another "must have" title for the PS3, and one that surely must be making every 360 and wii owner just a little bit jealous that they didn't buy the superior console. I can say that, because I've owned all consoles and coputers since the Grandstand Pong and I'm a bit of a geek on these subjects... Still love my Dreamcast though ;)

Until next time!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Girlfriend woes

Is this 11 years gone down the drain? Not talked to Sara in a while, she won't answer my calls, texts or emails. What an lovely Christmas this is gonna turn out to be! All her presents for Christmas bought as well!!!!!

Not slept for days, but life goes on! Hey, it can only get better? Right??? RIGHT????

Next blog soon... All about something more exciting me hopes!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Racing games....

The one thing I have always loved about computers and consoles is racing games. I remember the first time I played 3D Grand Prix and Speed Kings on my Amstrad CPC and thought "Wow... This is the future of gaming". Ok, so I had played some simple racing games before on my ZX81 and various little consoles, but these were the games that made me want more racing games.

Of course, through the years we had Enduro Racer, Super Hang-On, Outrun, Continental Circus, Sega rally, Ridge Racer, Ferrari F355 and a million more, all of which I play today, but it's the new crop of racing games that are really tickling my fancy. I play the new version of Sega Rally to death at the moment, contrary to reviews, this is one amazing racing game that you really have to put time and effort into to be any good. Also, there's Motorstorm of course, which I have played so much that I have reached a point where the difficulty in the levels has become way too hard and frustrating!

The one racing game that I am truly looking forward to though is Ferrari Challenge. It's ealry days yet, but this game is looking to be amazing. If it looks and plays anything as good as the Dreamcast game "Ferrari F355", then I will be pooing my pants!

Hopefully in the near future I'll be adding my top 20 favourite racing games to this blog. Infact, I've been toying with the idea of a "Racing Game" website for ages, so might even do that!

See you all soon.

:) Mark

How things are.

God, things just get worse and worse every day. Since discovering a few months ago that my dad had prostate cancer everything around me just seems to be falling apart. Life goes on though and although I put on a brave face, underneath it all I feel like shit.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Another Week Over :)

Oh! Thank God for that, another week is over. Been quite an eventful week, here are my highlights and lowlights...

First off, I had my test results back from the hospital. I had to have a few blood-tests as my dad has just been found to have cancer, so I have had some "early-warning" blood-tests. Thankfully, they all came back ok, except one. It seems I am anemic(?) so I just need more blood tests so that they can find out the best treatment for me. Fun, fun, fun!

As for work, I had to sack a 16 year-old boy for fraud on Thursday. His name was Ben, and he seemed to be the nicest lad working with me. However, it was all a front and he done dodgy dealings on over 15 deals! Not the kind of person you'd like to meet when you know what he's like. The guys from work have all threatened to take a base-ball bat to him as the fraud could have shut down our business... Some people!

As for the games front, I'm just so addicted to Call Of Duty 4 a minute on the PS3. This is one awesome game and the more I play it, the more it really is the best game ever. I also downloaded Sega Rally for the Sega Saturn emulator, and it's pretty cool. Not as good as the Dreamcast or PS3 versions, but still rather neat!

I awoke this morning at 7am, and turned on the TV and put on Tekken 5:DR... Another addictive game. I'm just soooo happy I finally got the PS3, means I get my favourite games all Hi-Res! Awesome stuff.

Untill next time...

Saturday, 10 November 2007

New games

Now those of you who know me know I love my gaming. I own a PS1, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Gameboy Advance and a Sega Dreamcast. On top of that I emulate everything from a ZX81 and Coleco Vision, right up to the Sega Saturn on my powerful gaming PC.

This week I traded in the awesome PS3 game "Ninja Gaiden Sigma" for the new game "Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare". Wow! What a game, this is probably THE single most best game I have ever played in my life. Before this I was always impressed with Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 2142, but this has really blown me away. With the 5.1 surround sound, solid gameplay and the great control system it really is a game I have quickly fallen in love with.

Also, I bought Tekken 5:DR.... Now, I love my Tekken games, always have since the PS1 and arcade days, but this version is an absolute blast. That said however, I'm sure they've ramped up the bloody difficulty level. Looks amazing in full 1080 res, and plays like always. Gonna ruin my thumbs on this baby.

Final thing I bought this week was LocoRoco Cocoreccho. A simple but fun £1.99 game from PSN. I'll let you know my thoughts on the "game" when I get a chance to play it fully and understand what I am doing.

I thought I'd go online with this blog at last

I've been meaning to get this blog up and running for what seems like an eternity, so at last here it is. I'll keep it updated as often as I can starting with the news in my life this week.

Last week my partner of over 11 years, Sara, had an accident on the road coming home from work. I was down the hospital with her until 11pm last Thursday night and thankfully she only suffered whip-lash. I was so releaved that it was nothing worse as she really did seem to be in alot of pain. My life flashed before my eyes when I had the phonecall that she had been in the accident. I don't think she knows exactly how upset I was, as since the accident I have not seen her and she has suddenly called and end to our wonderful relationship. It's kinda freaked me out as she won't explain why, but I guess life goes on for now.