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Saturday, 11 February 2012

My 10 Most Useful Things I Do With My Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are more than just mobile phones these days. I have realised that I do a lot more with my mobile phone now than I have ever done before. Thankfully, with my lovely HTC, I can do things more easily, frequently and more accurately than ever before.

So, here are 10 uses for my mobile phone. In order of which I use them...

01. Sending Text Messages - Ok, a simple one to start with, but one that is now more simple than ever before thanks to the HTC's stunning "real" keyboard. I can type faster and more accurate than ever before, even with freezing cold fingers! As I don't use text-speak (I prefer real English!), the addition of the real keyboard is brilliant, so much so I might never go back to a touch-only screen.

02. Make Phone Calls - Yes, phone calls are quite important on a mobile phone, and signal quality is always strong on the HTC handset. The handset is on the "3" network, and after being on all the other networks over the years, I can happily say "3" has not let me down like the others when it comes to call quality and signal.

03. The Internet - Thanks to a brilliant browser, and a host of bookmarks that I have stored, I use my phones browser for the internet as much as I use a PC for the internet these days. Pinch and zoom controls are superb, plus of course Android re-organises the text at any zoom level so that paragraphs are always super easy to use. Also, thanks to the keyboard I'm always on the forums!!! Simples!

04. Emails on the move - Thanks to Android,I get my Sky emails straight to my phone in real time (Sky use Gmail). I always get my Hotmail account updated at regular frequencies, so I never miss out on that important email. Again, thanks to the "real" keyboard, answering and writing emails is better than I have ever experienced on a phone before.

05. Social Networking - I have a "Facebook" button, so I'm updating my status at the touch of a button. I also have Twitter on one of my screens which is simple and quick to update. It really is a joy these days to be able to update so quickly and efficiently.

06. Take Photos - Thanks to a camera on the front and back of my phone, I am snapping more than ever with my phone. 5MB Camera on the front is great quality, while the camera on the front is ideal for social networking.

07. Playing Games - Angry Birds, Bejewelled and so much more at my finger tips. These days its hard to qualify being board when there is just so much to do! Games of all kinds keep me occupied when there's not much else to do.

08. Streaming TV & Radio - If all else mentioned above was not enough for a use for my phone, then I just love to keep up with my favourite TV programs and radio stations. Yes, thanks to "3" Networks unlimited data policy, there's no problem with this for me even when I'm out and about.

09. Results & News - We all love "Apps" these days, and I have plenty keeping up with Super Swansea FC, The Ospreys and a few News sites. This keeps me in the loop on all the things that matter in life!

10. Chatting - So, I don't chat as much as I can, but thanks to various chat applications I do now and again chat to people on Facebook. If I had enough time in the day I could chat more, but I really don't have the time. Thankfully, what time I get is of course made easier with the brilliant keyboard!

So, there we have it, I haven't even got to mention reading books on the phone or doing office work with Excel and Word! These are the genuine top 10 things I do with my mobile phone though. How things have changed in the last few years!

11 Feb 2012