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Monday, 18 February 2008

My birthday soon! What a year already!

Gee! It's nearly the 25th February 2008 which means I will be an old 38 years! Almost at 40, which is not very good. How the years have flown by, and how this year has flown by faster than any other year before it.

If you follow my blog, you'll know it can be quite irrattic on times, but I do try my best to keep it up to date. I do, honest!

Anyways, last night I watched the Blu-Ray version of "The Searchers". God damn it! What a movie, and what a sight it was in high-definition Blu-Ray. It was as if I was really there, and as if the film was only made yesterday. Anyone with Blu-Ray capabilities, buy this movie, you just won't regret it!

On the gaming front, I'm kind of addicted to "Everybodys Golf - World Tour" demo on the Playstation 3. Now this game is just sooooo addictive. It reminds me of Tee-Off golf on the Dreamcast which I played to death, and now it looks and plays better than ever before!

Until the next time.... Adios Amigos!

Friday, 1 February 2008

I'm in work... and bored.

Hey! It's a Friday and as usual on a Friday I am bored. My assistant manager is being a lazy bugger as usual and has been distracted by Moon Bear and Ram-Man. It's been a shitty week but thankfully yesterday made it all a bit better.

Good news... Results came back from my dad and things are looking ok at the moment. The treatment is making the cancer receed a little, so that's got to be good.

Talk soon people.