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:) Mark

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas is almost here

Merry Christmas everyone. Christmas is almost here, so I thought I'd take some time out to write the blog now while I have time. Sorry I have not updated sooner, but it's been a rollercoaster and I've not had time to do anything.

First off, Merry Christmas all my friends in America (especially June!), Merry Christmas all my pals on Digital Spy, Merry Christmas everyone on Retro Gamer and Merry Christmas to the "real" people who I work with and see everyday.

January is going to be an exciting, yet nervous time as I delve into a new adventure at work. Starting my own business with two people I have known for many years, and taking a big gamble. If it pays off, I'll be a happy lad, if it doesn't, I'd have lost a few thousand pounds and life goes on. Please cross your fingers for me that everything turns out just fine!

I've been playing games as usual. Haze is in my PS3 a moment, and to be fair, even though it got slated during release, I am enjoying it. Also been playing a few other games, and completed Call Of Duty World At War. That's a fantastic game but WAY to short!

I've been enjoying my retro gaming too as always, and really been hammering away at Sega Rally and Outrun on the Saturn. Completed them both numerous times, but going for higher and higher high-scores. Of course, not forgotten the good old Dreamcast too, and been playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 amoung others.

As you all know, Christmas is soon here, so please contact me and say Merry Christmas! I'm free to chat to you on my mobile, and you all know my mobile numer or email address.

Chow for now my friends!

:) Mark

Monday, 17 November 2008

Hello... I'm still here!

Nearly a month since my last post, sorry people! Nothing really new. Bought an Acer Netbook to take on my trip to Dublin last week, that was cool (both the trip and netbook). It just means where-ever we go we'll have a mini-computer with us so we can always have access to the internet or things we need.Comes in really handy when looking for local areas in a town you don't know etc, or for just keeping in touch with the family.

On the gaming front, not really done much, although played through Moto GP 08 before we went to Dublin, and awaiting for my copy of Little Big Planet to turn up.

One really interesting note, while in Dublin I bought the new Elvis Presley "Christmas Duets" album, where they have used modern technology to take out Elvis voice from his original songs, and lay down new contempory tracks and let him "duet" with a selection of top female country stars. The result is quite amazing. I was not expecting much, as I've seen all this doen many times, however this time the results are spectacular! Elvis and the dueting artist sound like they are together and having fun, the instrumentation is amazing, the female vocals are spot-on and the whole vibe is nothing short of out of this world. It's now on my ipod also, and is getting alot of play!

I'll talk again soon...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

50 best all time games continued...

Ok, so there in the first list is 30 odd games, now gonna put some mor of my favourites. Then I'm gonna write up reviews on each one and place them in order from 50 to 1 on a new dedicated website I think! That should keep me busy for a while.

So, here are more games that could be considered for my top 50 games of all time:

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Dreamcast/PSP)
Pacman (Arcade/PS2)
Galaga '88 (Arcade/PS2)
Tempest (Arcade/PS2)
Outrun (Saturn/PSP)
Defender (Arcade/Various)
Phoenix (Arcade/CPC/PC)
Bomberman Online (Dreamcast)
Bust-A-Move aka Puzzle Bobble (PS1/PS2/N64)
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (N64/Dreamcast)
R-Type (Master System/Amiga)
Robocop (CPC)
Pang (Snes)
Continental Circus (CPC)
Raiden Trad (Megadrive)
Pure (PS3)
Heavenly Sword (PS3)
Capcom Vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 (PS1)
Arkanoid (CPC/Amiga)
Body Blows (Amiga)
Super Hang On (Megadrive/Amiga)
Varth (Arcade/PS2)

Hmmmmm... Varth! Now that's a game!!! Anyways. Away to ponder I go again!

:) Mark

Monday, 20 October 2008

My top 50 games of all time...

It's been ticking over in my head for a while now, and I might just publish a list of what I think are the best 50 video games of all time... Just for fun of course, and because I want to share with you all my favourite 50 games I have ever played.

So far, here is my list of game, in no particular order - Favourite Version(s) in brackets:

Metal Gear 4 (PS3)
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3)
Wipeout HD (PS3)
Tekken 5: DR (PSP/PS3)
Sega Rally (Saturn/PS3/PSP)
Daytona (Dreamcast)
Killzone (PS2)
Halo (PC)
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3)
Barbarian (CPC)
Zub (CPC)
Sorcery Plus (CPC)
Desert Strike (Megadrive)
Sonic The Hedgehog (Megadrive)
Cannon Fodder (Amiga)
Doom (PS1)
V-Rally (PS1)
Die Hard Trilogy (PS1)
Crash Bandicoot Racing (PS1)
Panzer Dragoon Zwei (Saturn)
Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
Uridium (C64)
Ikari Warriors (CPC/Amiga)
Bejeweled (Mobile/PC)
Zool (Amiga)
3D Star Strike (CPC)
Unreal Tournament 2003 (PC)
Battlefield 2142 (PC)
Super Mario Brothers (Snes)
Golden Axe (Megadrive)
Streets Of Rage (Megadrive)
Super Monaco GP (Megadrive)
Super Street Fighter II (Snes)
Guitar Hero 3 (PS3)

Hmmm... I'll be back with more later!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Summer's here! Wait... It's Autumn?

Ok, sorry I've been away for a longer time than normal, summer is here! Actually, as soon as the clock struck Autumn-O'Clock the sun came out and it's been like a very hot summer ever since. That's nt going to stay though, as they have given us heavy rain the next few days, but almost two weeks of glorious sun has been lovely.

I've been tied up in work. One of my managers has been on holidays, so I have had to do full-time work, which has been a pain, and kept me from sloping off early as I usually do. This is his last week off, so all things should be back to normal next week in theory.

I've been playing games in my spare time!I'm really addicted to Metal Gear Solid 4, which has to be one of the greatest games I have ever played. The graphics, sound and most of all the gameplay are out of this world and so far after 10 hours play I think I'm just under half way through it.

I've also been playing some Grand Theft Auto 4, usually when Karl is here. It's a fun game, with a great look, and I'll be concentrating on that once I have completed MGS4. I also have two new racing games. Pure is a Quad-bike ATV racing game, with some of the most beautiful graphics you have ever seen, and Wipeout HD is again, in a different way a stunningly beautiful looking game. This generation is really starting to kick in with the visuals and gameplay. Can't wait to spend more time on the games mentioned in this paragraph.

I eventually completed Killzone for the PS2. What a cracking gaming expereince that was. Concidering it was an old-skool PS2 game, I thouroughly enjoyed it.The gameplay was second to none, and now I'm really looking forward to Killzone 2 on the PS3.

In other events and news from my life. My father seems to be ok at the moment. He found out he had diabities as well as his other ailments. Of course I worry, so I do all I can to make him as happy as possible.

Things with me and Sara are great. I am currently hamster-sitting, as Sara will be away on a course so I will take care of Scoots. Sara needs to keep on top of her job by doing various training courses, hopefully in a few years time she will be running the Cardiology Department in the hospital. How cool would that be?

As for my health and job etc, everything is going alright a moment. I don't feel too bad, just got an achy knee now and again, nothing a bit of weight loss won't fix! Enjoying the job as mentioned above, and everything is just "swell" as they say.

Until the next time... Adios!

Monday, 8 September 2008

September is here...

September is upon us then... Rain clouds and rain, the Rugby Season starting (Neath beating Pontypool in first game - Good start!), Neath Annual Travelling Fair, Kids going back to school for another year and more rain!

This last few weeks has been atrocious when it comes to rain, but that said, something really strange and yet beautiful happened the weekend. Sara and myself went for a drive through the Welsh Mountains, from Aberystwyth in the West right across to the border town of Shrewsbury in England. Now, along this long and winding road, it follows the woute of a river, vallys and the railway track. Normally, it's a beautiful site with green everywhere and animals dotted around the vast open fields. However, it was different this weekend, for there was floodwater everywhere. Fields were now giant pools of freezing cold water, which reflected the mountains around and actually was quite a beautiful sight. The dotted animals were now huddled in groups near the higher ground by the roadway, and in one particulaer patch of dry land there must have been around 2000 sheep and 500+ cows plus some Ponies and Horses and other farmyard animals all squashed into an area no bigger than perhaps 2 football fields! What a sight it was!

I got an email off Dean Torrence congratulating us on getting our website onto the new Jan & Dean Liberty Collections Liner notes. He also sent us a few photos for the website. It's always great to hear off Dean, a real rock star from when music was young.

I'm listening to the new Brian Wilson album. It's ok! Probably better than most of his solo stuff, yet he's no-where near as good as he was during the 1960's... and I don't care what anyone says!

I'll be posting soon with an update on my gaming and film watching. Talk soon friends.

:) Mark

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Directors Cut Bluray)

Oh Gee! I watched this film last night on Bluray... WOW! It blew me away, it's always been an awesome film, but this bluray addition is out of this world. The quality of the picture was stunning and the sound was ear-dropping.

For anyone who's not invested in bluray, do it! It rocks! Cheapest way is probably buy a PS3, but it's worth it just for the movies - just remember you need a hi-def TV too!

:) Mark

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Sorry I've not updated lately.. Here's an update...

Ok, first off, I apologise for not updating in a while, but it's been a hectic few weeks. Here's what's been happening...

On July 19th my father suffered a stroke, so alot of time was spent down the hospital, he's out now thankfully, but has lost all use of the left side of his body. It's been a pretty horrible experience for all of us, but thank's to Sara for taking us back and forth up the hospital things went kinda smoothly. It's horrible to see your parents ill, and he's only 57, so that is even worse. It's not like he's old or anything! How cruel is this life we live?

On lighter notes, I've been playing a few games, some are new, some not so new. First off I've been going through Killzone (PS2) on the PS3, it's a great first-person-shooter, and it seems like I've been playing it for ages, the game just seems so huge! When playing it, you forget it's a PS2 title, as it does look and play really really well.

Secondly, Soul Calibur IV has been getting alot of attention as that's a new title. I'm just playing around with it a minute, but will sit down and try and unlock all the unlocakable when I get the time. Also just re-started playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. This game has just had trophies added to it as an update, so I've been trying to collect as many as those as I can, and enjoying one of the best games ever!

Another couple of game I must mention are Pixel Junk Eden demo for the PS3 and Sega Rally for the PSP. Eden is a great little... erm... I can't describe it, as it's so unique. But it's a great, relaxing and enjoyable game. The PSP version of Sega Rally simply kicks ass. I got it really cheap, and it's given me hours of fun on the move. Rally racing at it's best!

For my father (and myself!) I picked up a couple of bargain DVDs. I got Rio Bravo, the John Wayne, Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson classic western, and I bought the amazing Kelly's Heores. I'm looking forward to watching these again myself, you just can't beat classics!

I just ordered Terminator 2: Judgement Day from Play.com on Blu-Ray disc. I'm sure that's going to be a great hi-def experience! Really looking forward to that one!

And so, it's time for me to pack up my stuff and head off to work. Work is going good a moment, has it's ups and downs, but really enjoying it.

Until next time.

Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Wow! How time flies!

Oh God! Has it really been a fortnight or so since I last posted? Time is really flying by at the moment. In work I have to actually "work" a minute as one of the managers are off and I have to fill in for them, so it's been taking up all of my time.

I've not done anything really exciting for the last couple of weeks, just been listening to music (bought a new pair of Sony Headphones that have amazing sound playback!) and playing a few games on the PS3.

Also, been spending alot of time with Sara, she's not been too well, so been enjoying her company. We've really had some relaxing and enjoyable days lately! And we've been looking at houses too, so that's been pretty cool nosing around peoples houses!

I'm working on a new mix of the Jan & Dean album "Drag City", been looking for some cool drag-strip sound-effects and some sirens etc to make the album feel like a complete picture as opposed to just an album filled with songs. It's a project I've been working on for ages, and one day when I'm happy with the sound I'll get it out there for all the J&D fans!

Anyways, until next time!

:) Mark

Monday, 7 July 2008

Famous at last!

Oh yes! Famous at last! Well, maybe not really that famous, but my Jan & Dean website made the credits of the new Jan & Dean CD liner notes! Yey! It actually did make a difference as the "hits" of the site have been having some record numbers lately. How cool is that?

The new J&D CD is simply stunning, the sound quality is awesome, the liner notes are great and the single-mixes are absolutly amazing to listen to. Even if you're not a fan I ask you to check this CD out now!!!!

I'll be back soon, just need to do a few things before I make another post.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Another week about to begin

Last week was a long week, but it's over. The weekend went well, Sara and myself had a good look around a couple of houses that we have our sites set to in Aberystwyth. We ate too much, as always! But that's what weekends are about.

I bought Battlefield: Bad Company for the PS3, so far it's a great game that I'm enjoying playing. We've also been playing the PSP alot, what a great machine that is!

On top of all that, I've been enjoying lots of music, all kinds! Alot of Dennis Wilson's POB album, plus loads of everything else. I got 101 Rock'n'Roll greats, which is fantastic, I got the new Bobby Vee album, which is "sweet" and I've been listening to the new Paul Simon "Essential" collection, all good stuff! On top of that, I've been listening to Jan & Dean, in preperation for the great mono collection which is coming my way soon.

I'm off to work now, so I'll be back soon with something else!

:) Mark

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Jan & Dean - Carnival Of Sound

This is interesting (thank you Mark - BB site). The above link has a review of Jan's Carnival Of Sound album, plus you can download the tracks by right clicking on them and "save file as".

It's an original acetate album recording, so a bit clicky, but still, good stuff!


Friday, 13 June 2008

Pacific Ocean Blue... and then some.

It's been a long time coming, but Dennis Wilson's awesome "Pacific Ocean Blue" album has just been released. This is an updated and extended version of the 1991 ultra-rare-CD release and it fills me with so much excitement!

POB is probably one of the greatest albums ever written, and is THE greatest album ever written and recorded by a solo Beach Boy member. Dennis' album is unlike any Beach Boys album however, and is full of warmth and feeling, the like your ears have rarely heard put to record.

This is one of only probably three albums (Pet Sounds and Rubber Soul being the other two) that are absolute perfection in every way. And, whats more, this version comes with loads of bonus tracks related to "Bambu", the unreleased follow-up album.

I will be listening constantly, and give you a fuller review on the sound quality when I get more chance to listen to it!

Also, there's the new Jan & Dean complete Liberty singles collection. For the first time ever, every A and B side of Jan & Deans singles restored lovingly onto CD in their original MONO state! YES! This is what we've craved for, sadly, can't get hold of it over here in the UK yet, but I will be keeping my eyes open (or begging some American friends to get it for me!!!)

Take care pals, I'm off to Aberystwyth for the weekend, if you want me... Ring or Email or just Knock Knock Knock on wood!

:) Mark

Monday, 9 June 2008

The week so far...

Ok, so we got back from Dublin and I have been back in work. Not alot has changed in the last 9 days or so. I bought Independance Day and National Tressure 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray, all were bargains. On the games front, Sara and myself have been playing Guitar Hero II which she bought cheap, that's been fun, and I've been playing Pro-Evo 6 on the PSP and Bad Company demo on the PS3. So, quite a non-eventful few days.

Sorry not much news folks, but sometimes, that's the way it goes!

:) Mark

Friday, 30 May 2008

Back from Dublin!

Oh Yes! We got back from Dublin on Wednesday night, and what a great time we had. It's a beautiful, huge city with alot to do and see, and we didn't half do some travelling! We must have walked miles, but it was very enjoyable.

The first three days we stayed just outside Dublin centre at a place called Tallaght, it was a three star hotel called Tallaght Cross and was amazing! Huge flat-screen TV, huge bed and was so fresh and modern. The only little problem we had was we had some food and drink that we had bought stolen from our room!!!! Those pesky Polish cleaners... We had them back though, plus we were given free breakfast for the rest of the stay!

The second hotel we stayed at was called Citi-Hotel in Temple Bar, the centre of Dublin. The room was a complete opposite to the Tallaght Cross, it was tiny, with a crap TV and there was an obscene amount of noise coming from the streets filled with bars and clubs below. That didn't detract though, and we still had an amazing time.

We spent a fortune, but we enjoyed it, every-bit of it! We didn't take many photos sadly as I forgot my camera!!!! Not to worry, everything of interest can be seen on the internet.

One good thing we took on holidays with us with the Sony PSP. Never have I owned such a useful gadget. On the way travelling there we used it as an MP3 player on the train. On the aircraft we watched some TV shows that I had recorded to put on there, and while we were there we played games in our spare time and even surfed the internet when there were free internet areas. Damn this machine is awesome!

I bought a great CD, "Guess I'm Dumb" is a great compilation of Beach Boys songs sung by other people, and had some real killers on there, what's more, I had it for a bargain price, which makes it even better value for money! Cooooooooooooool.

I'll write more soon!

:) Mark

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Dublin here we come!

Ok, quick not. From today until next Thursday, Sara and myself will be in Dublin! It's hopefully going to be great, just hope the rain holds off, the sun shines and we have a brilliant time.

See you all soon!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Traded in Wii for PSP

Oh yes! OHHHH YES! After not usuing the rather mediocre Wii for a long time, I decided to trade it in for a PSP. The whole trade in consisted of a white PSP, 5 game and 1 film. I am happy, very happy...

Let's look at the games first:

Tekken 5: DR.... Exactly the same as the amazing PS3 version, awesome!
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max... Even better than the Dreamcast "ultimate" version, awesome!
Outrun 2006... Amazingly beautiful version of the PS2 game, looks amazing, runs super fast!
Megadrive Collection... Over 20 classic Megadrive games that look even better on the PSP screen.
Rainbow Islands... Ok, so that had to be one, gonna trade it in, was a stupid buy.

The film was "The Simpsons" and it is sooo cool. Also trading in though, as have it on Blu-ray.

The PSP has some amazing features, Skype built in, an internet explorer built in, plays audio and video, internet radio built in and of course you can use it in conjuction with the mighty PS3! I was even streaming games off the PS3 onto the PSP in real time! Its AMAZING!!!!!!

:) Mark

Monday, 12 May 2008

Blood Pressure and Games

Ok, first off, I've not been too well recently. I've been having a bit of trouble with my blood pressure, and on Thursday I went to the Doctors for a check-up and it was sky-high! I've taken a few days off to try and get the thing down, and I have been put on two different types of tablets. Let's just hope it all goes down to a relativly normal level before I go on Holidays to Dublin in a couple of weeks time.

As for games, I bought a selection of games the weekend. I got 4 Saturn games and 1 Dreamcast game, all for £1.99 each at Cash Generators. I was duped a bit though, my fault really, one of the Saturn games (Fighting Vipers) was missing the game disc in the box! Can't take it back, as it wasn't a local Cash Generators. I'll keep you informed of what I think of the games when I get round to playing the things. Quite looking forward to Krazy Ivan actually, I'm sure I had this on the PS1 many years ago.

As for PS3 games, I am stuck on the third level of Devil May Cry 4... What a cracking game! Graphics are lush, sound is awesome and the gameplay rocks, however I am well and truly stuck and feel like I am running around in circles. I've been playing alot of GT5 lately as well, unlocked all the tracks and bounght many cars. I think I'm quite good at this game, and when I play online I usually finish top 3, which I am happy with.

Everybody's Golf is still keeping me going as well, unlocking more and more as the weeks go by, which is really cool. This has also been a week for PS3 demos, and I'll give you my feelings on three of them right now... Haze Demo - Awesome! A must buy in every way, surely a COD4 beater? Bourne Demo - Interesting, but I just don't know? GRID Demo - now, as much as I love racing games, this one doesn't handle quite right and the graphics have a wierd sheen to them... I really don't know!

Ok... My game of the Month.... Capcom Vs Marvel on the PS1, simplyy stunning!

Bye for now!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Quick update...

Ok, just a quick update before I go up to Aberystwyth for the weekend:

PS3 news... Traded in Unreal and Heavenly Sword for "Devil May Cry 4". I haven't played it yet, but no doubt will soon.

Sega news... I got my 1p win on Ebay "Sega Ages Volume 1" which is basically 1 CD with 3 classic Sega games on it for the Sega Saturn. The games are all arcade perfect versions of "Outrun", "Space Harrier" and "After Burner 2". Only played "Outrun" so far, and it's damn damn fine!

Stay tuned for more...

Friday, 25 April 2008

Weekly update....

Ok, first off, my Sega Saturn turned up on Thursday and Karl and myself had a huge blast with it! It actually came with 6 games (Manx TT, Sega Rally, Maddon 07, Actua Golf, Virtua Fighter and Point Break). It's a great console and works perfectly. For those who don't know, the console was released at roughly the same time as the original Playstation console. Graphically, it still holds well today, and after already spending many hours on Point Break, Sega Rally and Manx TT, I can tell you that the playability factor is well and truly there!

Watched "300" on Blu-ray this week. Such an utterly brilliant experience. The film is just brilliant, the picture was amazing and the sound was pure uncompressed PCM 5.1... What more could you want?

Work has been great, the easiest job in the World with the best pay I have ever had in my life. What more could you ask for? I just need to stop eating out every dinner time though, as it's not good for my svelt (cough) wasteline!

This Monday is my fathers 57th Birthday, so will get him something special, and then shortly after it's my parents 39 year wedding anniversary... Wow... 39 years! That has to be applauded.

On the music front, I am listening to Madonnas new album which is really really good. Also been listening to Byrds alot. This weekend I'm off to Aberystwyth, and my iPod has been loaded with the latest 1up podcasts, so I'm all ready to go.

Oh, one last thing... GTA IV is out, and I don't know what to do!!!! Shall I buy it or not? Answers to the usual email address please! - Also anyone out there want a copy of my Jan & Dean ultimate collection MP3 DVD (everything releasesd/unreleased on 1 DVD), just email me and for a small payment for p&p I'll ship it out to you!

Take care, and remember... Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

:) Mark

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sega Saturn

Just purchased a Sega Saturn with 5 games off Ebay for an unbelievable £25 including p&p! Looking forward to it arriving next week I hope! Will let you know all about it. It's one of those consoles that I have always wanted!!! And... It comes with Manx TT and Sega Rally, two games I really really wanted, plus a further 3 games! Cooooooooooooooool (I hope).

:) Mark

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Scooby1970 MD (Thats Managing Director)

Yey! Finally, managed to get the business sorted out. As a side-business to where I work now I opened a new company and I am the Managing Director. Doesn't really mean I'll be earning much more money as it will all be invested into the company, but it's nice to have the MD after my name in letters!

It seems things in work are getting better and better. With the new company it means we're opening a new office so I'll be in charge of three company stores all togehter. Basically, it now means I can concentrate on saving more monies and Aberystwyth for me & Sara in a few years time will be the reality that I really want it to be.

Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Come on a "Safari" with me...

Oh My God!!!! My iTunes updated and asked me did I want to install Safari. Now, as you may all know, Safari is the Internet Browser for Mac computers, so I was quite shocked to see this. I installed it, and to be quite honest I'm blown away! This is a great Internet Browser, and I recommend it to anyone!

The test on web pages looks soooo clear, and you can actually change the size of text input boxes. It also checks your spelling as you type and seems much much faster than Firefox 2 and IE7! As far as security, it seems pretty secure from what I have read. I'll keep you all informed!

:) Mark

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Another day, another Dollar...

So, another week drifts past and a few updates. Sara and myself spent the weekend in Aberystwyth last weekend while Sara looked for a flat to live in. we found a nice listtle studio apartment and we've put down the deposit. It seems as every hour goes by we get closer and closer to eventually living up in Aberystwyth.

On the gaming front, I had Everybody's Golf World Tour and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Both are fantastic games. Alot of my time has been spent playing these, and also trying to destroy the final boss in Heavenly Sword, which is really freaking me out with all the attempts I am taking!

Musically speaking, I'm enjoying some Jonathan Ross Podcasts from iTunes and listening alot to Duffy and The Beach Boys.

I'll be back soon...

Monday, 24 March 2008

Goodbye Shep - Rest In Piece My Friend.

It's been a sad day. Last night I went to bed in the knowledge that Shep, our faithful Rough Collie was not in good shape. He'd been ill for a while, but not in pain, just generally getting old. On March 20th he was 17 years old, old for a large dog, so we all knew he was literally on his last legs.

I awoke this morning in the early ours of the morning, and I remember a gut-wrenching feelings that something was wrong. His strange groan that he has started last night was silent, and I just knew what had happened. I couldn't sleep, so got up early, only to find that just a few minutes before Shep had died while sleeping... My father at his side trying to keep Shep company all night.

Goodbye Shep, you will be forever remembered by everyone who knew and loved you.

Monday, 17 March 2008

New Games Update...

Just a quicky, two new games that I might not have mentioned that I have bought.

Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3, it's an amazing blast and a totally different experience to Call Of Duty 4. Anyone interested in adding me to your PSN, as usual it's scooby1970.

Buzz - The Pop Quiz for the PS2 (plays as usual perfectly on the PS3), is another Buzz game, but this time the series has been souped up and it plays and looks like a next-gen game. Alot of fun, and with over 5000 pop questions should keep us all going for a while to come!

:) Mark

Back from Belgium and Holland!

Ahhhh, it's good to be back in Sunny Swansea. We really had a good time in Belgium, the weather was great and the whole experience was fantastic. We had our hotel in Ostend and from there we visited various places each day. Here is a list of the places we visted and what I thought of them.

Ostend: First off, the place we stayed. We stayed at a lovely hotel near the beach front at Ostend. The room was nice and the food at the hotel was actually very good. Ostend itself is a little town in the North of Belgium, it is still experiencing majoy renovation works, but that does not distract from it's beauty and charm. There are some good places to shop, some great shoare lines and docks (topless and nude bathing on the beaches in summer) and it's generally well located with great transport links.

Brussels: This is a huge city, and of course the finacial capital of Europe. Although we visited mainly for shopping purposes, we did have alook around some of the historical buildings, and they were all very elegant. Flags are everywhere in Brussels, and there really is a carnival atmosphere about the place. One word of warning though, don't travel too far from the centre as it does get rather dangerous and rough.

Antwerp: Antwerp is a good 1 hour 40 minute train journey from Ostend, but it is well worth the train journey (and only 46euro for the two of us including free museum entry in Antwerp). Again, it's a huge city, but it's somewhat different to any other place I have ever visited as there is the new build centre and there is the old town centre which seemlessly join together to give you one bizzare experience. Again, a lovely place to visit yet don't drift too far out of the centre as it does get a bit rough.

Sluis: We visited Sluis, which is in North West Holland for an afternoon. Both myself and Sara enjoy the picturesque little Dutch town. It is a really small town but has alot to offer. Being Holland, it has of course got anything you need from a Dutch town... Which is quite interesting!

Sara and myself enjoyed ourselves greatly and will no doubt visit the countrys again in the future, however at the moment we are looking into visiting Ireland again in the near future, as our last visit there was brilliant.

Now reality has struck and I realise I have to be in work in a couple of hours... Oh how that sucks!!!!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Belgium this week! New Email address too...

Hello! I just thought I'd pop you all a quick note to say I'll be quiet for a week as I'm off to Belgium and Holland with Sara, so will be away from the Playstation and PC. hopefully I'll post some pictures on here when I come back of my stay. We'll see how it goes, as they've predicted some really bad storms across Europe this week!

Anyways, my email address has changed, and anyone needing to contact me should now exclusivly use scooby1970@sky.com

Take care all!!! Untill next time.

Monday, 18 February 2008

My birthday soon! What a year already!

Gee! It's nearly the 25th February 2008 which means I will be an old 38 years! Almost at 40, which is not very good. How the years have flown by, and how this year has flown by faster than any other year before it.

If you follow my blog, you'll know it can be quite irrattic on times, but I do try my best to keep it up to date. I do, honest!

Anyways, last night I watched the Blu-Ray version of "The Searchers". God damn it! What a movie, and what a sight it was in high-definition Blu-Ray. It was as if I was really there, and as if the film was only made yesterday. Anyone with Blu-Ray capabilities, buy this movie, you just won't regret it!

On the gaming front, I'm kind of addicted to "Everybodys Golf - World Tour" demo on the Playstation 3. Now this game is just sooooo addictive. It reminds me of Tee-Off golf on the Dreamcast which I played to death, and now it looks and plays better than ever before!

Until the next time.... Adios Amigos!

Friday, 1 February 2008

I'm in work... and bored.

Hey! It's a Friday and as usual on a Friday I am bored. My assistant manager is being a lazy bugger as usual and has been distracted by Moon Bear and Ram-Man. It's been a shitty week but thankfully yesterday made it all a bit better.

Good news... Results came back from my dad and things are looking ok at the moment. The treatment is making the cancer receed a little, so that's got to be good.

Talk soon people.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Consoles... Computers and Emulators!

I thought you'd all like to see my list of consoles and computers that I have owned in my time. I was also a huge arcade goer during the 80's and early 90's and spent many pounds on arcade machines. I still own from number 12 upwards.

01. "Pong" Clone machine
02. Sinclair ZX81
03. Amstrad CPC 464
04. Sinclair ZX Spectrum
05. Sega Master System
06. Commodore Amiga 500
07. Amstrad CPC 6128+
08. Sega Megadrive
09. Commodore Amiga 1200
10. Super Nintendo
11. AMD Athlon 750 PC.
12. Sony Playstation
13. AMD 64 3500+ PC
14. Sony Playstation 2
15. Sega Dreamcast
16. Nintendo Gameboy Advance
17. Sony Playstation 3
18. Nintendo DS
19. Nintendo Wii
20. Tons of emulators to play everything from 1-10 and alot lot more!

During the 8-bit era of the 1980's I had alot of access to the Vic20 and Commodore 64 machines also, but never owned either of them. Through the joys of emulation, I can now enjoy the machines I missed out on, and the machines I didn't own. Oh the wonders of modern technology! I'm particularly enjoying numerous versions of Phonix at the moment on various formats.

On Friday (25th January 2008) I bought a Nintendo Wii which is on the big TV downstairs. So far it's been fun! I had a few games with it, but will trade those in in time and get the new Mario Galaxy game. Also playing alot of the new Nintendo DS Lite that I got for nothing off a mate! Gee! I'd have never thought I was a Nintendo freak!

:) See you soon!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Tekken Vs Street Fighter

God, apart from my racing games, I love my beat-em ups. Lately though, two in particular have been on my PS3. Tekken 5: DR and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS1 version). The thing is, which of these do I love best? And which is my favourite beat-em up of all time? Well, lets take a little look shall we...

Tekken series: Some nifty 3D graphics, Tekken 5:DR has some of the nicest graphics I have ever seen on any console, and the game has around 30 playable characters from start. Each character is well different and take an age to master. My favourite character is Nina Williams, she just rocks! Especially in that pink nurses outfit (cough cough)! I've played all the Tekken's since it's earliest incarnation, and of them all I'd have to say my two favourites (as it hard to seperate them) are Tekken 3 on the PS1 and 5:DR on the PS3... Awsome stuff!

Street Fighter Alpha series: Now although I've always love my Street Fighters, it wasn't until Alpha 3 that I really fell in love with it. Yes, it's 2D, but it's still awesome! Of course my favourites are Ken and Ryu, just cos I have mastered most of their moves. I can play this game all day, and the world championship part of the game is amazing.

Other Fighters: Of course, I love other beat-em ups, Mortal Combat series, the SNK Vs Capcom games, I owe loads of different versions of these games on the PS1/PS2/PS3/Dreamcast etc, and of the games I have mentioned, SNK V Capcom is one amazing experience.

My favourite beat-em up of all time then? Well... Tekken without a doubt! There's just something sooooooo cool about it. It rocks!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Life Sucks

Life sucks... Well, if the World didn't suck we'd all fall off... But life really sucks.

:) Mark