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Monday, 8 August 2011

The riots in London 2011

Well, not being from London or from a large city I'm not all that familiar with the attitudes of the people of London. In fact, I couldn't give a toss what their attitudes are. As an outsider looking in, I, and many people I know are in utter disbelief of the total and utter disregard these thugs and rioters have for the general upstanding population of the UK.

From what I can see on the news, over the internet and from other sources such as Twitter and Facebook, the majority of the people involved in these riots are black youths, many of whom started off protesting at a killing of an armed gunman. Since then, more youths have jumped on the bandwagon and are now rampaging the streets of London themselves on a journey of wanton destruction.

The weak Con-Dem Government we have seem to be letting the criminals get away with anything they desire, and the Police seem to have their hands tied by the lefty "Human Rights" activists who seem to have a hold on everything lately.

What we really need is to set an example to people who intend to brake the law. Rubber bullets, tear-gas and water cannons should be used  in these situations, it works elsewhere in the World and it needs to be used in the UK before the criminal element take control of the streets. Every single individual involved should be prosecuted, with the ring-leaders being sent to prison and the keys thrown away.

Failing that, if the rioting in an area continues for more than two nights, I would have no objection to the army being called in, fully armed with riot-gear and mowing down scum who roam our streets. These people have no human rights when they blatantly disregard other peoples human rights.

I have nothing against protests, nothing against Police doing their jobs, nothing against people having their voices heard. But deliberate rioting needs to be squashed with an iron fist before it becomes the "norm" in this country.

Rant over. Just the views of a normal, everyday Welshman.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A new blog!

I have started a new blog to run side-by-side with this blog. It can be found at http://linuxreviewsandguides.blogspot.com/ and will concentrate on me dealing with Linux issues and news etc.

This will free up this blog to be a more general blog again, and hopefully it won't bore-off all the regular readers!

:) Mark