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Monday, 24 March 2008

Goodbye Shep - Rest In Piece My Friend.

It's been a sad day. Last night I went to bed in the knowledge that Shep, our faithful Rough Collie was not in good shape. He'd been ill for a while, but not in pain, just generally getting old. On March 20th he was 17 years old, old for a large dog, so we all knew he was literally on his last legs.

I awoke this morning in the early ours of the morning, and I remember a gut-wrenching feelings that something was wrong. His strange groan that he has started last night was silent, and I just knew what had happened. I couldn't sleep, so got up early, only to find that just a few minutes before Shep had died while sleeping... My father at his side trying to keep Shep company all night.

Goodbye Shep, you will be forever remembered by everyone who knew and loved you.

Monday, 17 March 2008

New Games Update...

Just a quicky, two new games that I might not have mentioned that I have bought.

Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3, it's an amazing blast and a totally different experience to Call Of Duty 4. Anyone interested in adding me to your PSN, as usual it's scooby1970.

Buzz - The Pop Quiz for the PS2 (plays as usual perfectly on the PS3), is another Buzz game, but this time the series has been souped up and it plays and looks like a next-gen game. Alot of fun, and with over 5000 pop questions should keep us all going for a while to come!

:) Mark

Back from Belgium and Holland!

Ahhhh, it's good to be back in Sunny Swansea. We really had a good time in Belgium, the weather was great and the whole experience was fantastic. We had our hotel in Ostend and from there we visited various places each day. Here is a list of the places we visted and what I thought of them.

Ostend: First off, the place we stayed. We stayed at a lovely hotel near the beach front at Ostend. The room was nice and the food at the hotel was actually very good. Ostend itself is a little town in the North of Belgium, it is still experiencing majoy renovation works, but that does not distract from it's beauty and charm. There are some good places to shop, some great shoare lines and docks (topless and nude bathing on the beaches in summer) and it's generally well located with great transport links.

Brussels: This is a huge city, and of course the finacial capital of Europe. Although we visited mainly for shopping purposes, we did have alook around some of the historical buildings, and they were all very elegant. Flags are everywhere in Brussels, and there really is a carnival atmosphere about the place. One word of warning though, don't travel too far from the centre as it does get rather dangerous and rough.

Antwerp: Antwerp is a good 1 hour 40 minute train journey from Ostend, but it is well worth the train journey (and only 46euro for the two of us including free museum entry in Antwerp). Again, it's a huge city, but it's somewhat different to any other place I have ever visited as there is the new build centre and there is the old town centre which seemlessly join together to give you one bizzare experience. Again, a lovely place to visit yet don't drift too far out of the centre as it does get a bit rough.

Sluis: We visited Sluis, which is in North West Holland for an afternoon. Both myself and Sara enjoy the picturesque little Dutch town. It is a really small town but has alot to offer. Being Holland, it has of course got anything you need from a Dutch town... Which is quite interesting!

Sara and myself enjoyed ourselves greatly and will no doubt visit the countrys again in the future, however at the moment we are looking into visiting Ireland again in the near future, as our last visit there was brilliant.

Now reality has struck and I realise I have to be in work in a couple of hours... Oh how that sucks!!!!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Belgium this week! New Email address too...

Hello! I just thought I'd pop you all a quick note to say I'll be quiet for a week as I'm off to Belgium and Holland with Sara, so will be away from the Playstation and PC. hopefully I'll post some pictures on here when I come back of my stay. We'll see how it goes, as they've predicted some really bad storms across Europe this week!

Anyways, my email address has changed, and anyone needing to contact me should now exclusivly use scooby1970@sky.com

Take care all!!! Untill next time.