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Friday, 19 February 2010

Heroes Of Today - A Poem

Heroes Of Today - A Poem
Each night I watch the evening news, the story's almost always the same,
Another Soldier's body returns, but how many have been badly maimed?
Mostly are just young boys in age, but they die heroic men in our hearts,
Fighting a war highlighted on TV, you forget it tares family's apart.

I hide my tears of sadness and pride,
A lump in my throat I fight hard to hide,
War is just a political game,
Our soldiers die it's such a shame.

Watching the crowds stand silent, lining the narrow street,
Wootton Basset the centre of so much loss, this country'll never face defeat,
Our young men and women so very brave, loosing life for you and me,
Without them fighting this atrocious war, we'd loose all our liberties.

A lump in my throat I try so hard to hide,
Holding back my tears of sadness and pride,
This was must be fought again and again,
It's more to us than Political gain.

The Military Hospitals are almost full, of casualties of this Afghan war,
No matter how much blood's spilled today, the enemy will always want more,
So whatever your Nationality, belief or religion please join when we say,
Our troops in the war zone fighting for you and me are our Heroes Of Today.

I can't hide my tears of sadness and pride,
Too many lives have been destroyed and too many soldiers have died.

(c)10/02/10 Mark Adams

It's been a long time since I've written a meaningful poem that is not about my life or the ones I love, but I have been so sick of seeing British soldiers coming home from Afghanistan in coffins that I had to let out my feelings in a poem. Whatever your thoughts on the rights and wrongs of this war, or previous wars, our troops are just doing their jobs and need to be supported. My father was in the armed forces, where he spent some time in Northern Ireland during the late 1960's/early 1970's, and from his stories of those times, I know how much hell he went through. So, I can only imagine what these men and women are going through now.