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:) Mark

Friday, 30 May 2008

Back from Dublin!

Oh Yes! We got back from Dublin on Wednesday night, and what a great time we had. It's a beautiful, huge city with alot to do and see, and we didn't half do some travelling! We must have walked miles, but it was very enjoyable.

The first three days we stayed just outside Dublin centre at a place called Tallaght, it was a three star hotel called Tallaght Cross and was amazing! Huge flat-screen TV, huge bed and was so fresh and modern. The only little problem we had was we had some food and drink that we had bought stolen from our room!!!! Those pesky Polish cleaners... We had them back though, plus we were given free breakfast for the rest of the stay!

The second hotel we stayed at was called Citi-Hotel in Temple Bar, the centre of Dublin. The room was a complete opposite to the Tallaght Cross, it was tiny, with a crap TV and there was an obscene amount of noise coming from the streets filled with bars and clubs below. That didn't detract though, and we still had an amazing time.

We spent a fortune, but we enjoyed it, every-bit of it! We didn't take many photos sadly as I forgot my camera!!!! Not to worry, everything of interest can be seen on the internet.

One good thing we took on holidays with us with the Sony PSP. Never have I owned such a useful gadget. On the way travelling there we used it as an MP3 player on the train. On the aircraft we watched some TV shows that I had recorded to put on there, and while we were there we played games in our spare time and even surfed the internet when there were free internet areas. Damn this machine is awesome!

I bought a great CD, "Guess I'm Dumb" is a great compilation of Beach Boys songs sung by other people, and had some real killers on there, what's more, I had it for a bargain price, which makes it even better value for money! Cooooooooooooool.

I'll write more soon!

:) Mark

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Dublin here we come!

Ok, quick not. From today until next Thursday, Sara and myself will be in Dublin! It's hopefully going to be great, just hope the rain holds off, the sun shines and we have a brilliant time.

See you all soon!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Traded in Wii for PSP

Oh yes! OHHHH YES! After not usuing the rather mediocre Wii for a long time, I decided to trade it in for a PSP. The whole trade in consisted of a white PSP, 5 game and 1 film. I am happy, very happy...

Let's look at the games first:

Tekken 5: DR.... Exactly the same as the amazing PS3 version, awesome!
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max... Even better than the Dreamcast "ultimate" version, awesome!
Outrun 2006... Amazingly beautiful version of the PS2 game, looks amazing, runs super fast!
Megadrive Collection... Over 20 classic Megadrive games that look even better on the PSP screen.
Rainbow Islands... Ok, so that had to be one, gonna trade it in, was a stupid buy.

The film was "The Simpsons" and it is sooo cool. Also trading in though, as have it on Blu-ray.

The PSP has some amazing features, Skype built in, an internet explorer built in, plays audio and video, internet radio built in and of course you can use it in conjuction with the mighty PS3! I was even streaming games off the PS3 onto the PSP in real time! Its AMAZING!!!!!!

:) Mark

Monday, 12 May 2008

Blood Pressure and Games

Ok, first off, I've not been too well recently. I've been having a bit of trouble with my blood pressure, and on Thursday I went to the Doctors for a check-up and it was sky-high! I've taken a few days off to try and get the thing down, and I have been put on two different types of tablets. Let's just hope it all goes down to a relativly normal level before I go on Holidays to Dublin in a couple of weeks time.

As for games, I bought a selection of games the weekend. I got 4 Saturn games and 1 Dreamcast game, all for £1.99 each at Cash Generators. I was duped a bit though, my fault really, one of the Saturn games (Fighting Vipers) was missing the game disc in the box! Can't take it back, as it wasn't a local Cash Generators. I'll keep you informed of what I think of the games when I get round to playing the things. Quite looking forward to Krazy Ivan actually, I'm sure I had this on the PS1 many years ago.

As for PS3 games, I am stuck on the third level of Devil May Cry 4... What a cracking game! Graphics are lush, sound is awesome and the gameplay rocks, however I am well and truly stuck and feel like I am running around in circles. I've been playing alot of GT5 lately as well, unlocked all the tracks and bounght many cars. I think I'm quite good at this game, and when I play online I usually finish top 3, which I am happy with.

Everybody's Golf is still keeping me going as well, unlocking more and more as the weeks go by, which is really cool. This has also been a week for PS3 demos, and I'll give you my feelings on three of them right now... Haze Demo - Awesome! A must buy in every way, surely a COD4 beater? Bourne Demo - Interesting, but I just don't know? GRID Demo - now, as much as I love racing games, this one doesn't handle quite right and the graphics have a wierd sheen to them... I really don't know!

Ok... My game of the Month.... Capcom Vs Marvel on the PS1, simplyy stunning!

Bye for now!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Quick update...

Ok, just a quick update before I go up to Aberystwyth for the weekend:

PS3 news... Traded in Unreal and Heavenly Sword for "Devil May Cry 4". I haven't played it yet, but no doubt will soon.

Sega news... I got my 1p win on Ebay "Sega Ages Volume 1" which is basically 1 CD with 3 classic Sega games on it for the Sega Saturn. The games are all arcade perfect versions of "Outrun", "Space Harrier" and "After Burner 2". Only played "Outrun" so far, and it's damn damn fine!

Stay tuned for more...