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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 A Writing Year In Review

2013 was a busy year for my writing, as everyone knows, I write for Gaming Illustrated and my own blog. Writing for a gaming website is fun, not just because I enjoy gaming, but because I enjoy writing too. I get to play game genres I would never have thought to have played before, which in turn helps me write things in ways I could never have imagined.

This article though is mostly about my blog writing, and and highlights the topics that mattered most to me throughout the year of 2013. Most of it, in fact all of the writing was about technical or otherwise Geeky topics, but that doesn't matter as you are all well aware that this is what my blog contains anyway!

So here are the highlights of my reviews.

  • Revo Axis Radio Review This is a review of the amazing, all singing all dancing Revo Axis digital radio. It supports all kind of music streaming and listening such as via FM, DAB, Internet Radio, Streaming from DNLA devices and so much more. If you’re after a radio, you could do worse than take a look at this. And it’s not a bad price now either.
  • My Google Life 2013 seen me using Google products more and more. The reliance on Google for so many things means everything is synced perfectly and everything just works. Google is more than just a search engine, and this article takes a look at it in more depth. There’s a Google product for everyone, and once you’ve tried them, you can never turn back!
  • The Demise Of The PC The year of 2013 was a hard year for PC’s, and items such as Chromebooks, Tablets and Mobile Phones with all their power meant that the PC had a hard year this year. This article takes a look at how and why.
  • Living With A Chromebook The Chromebook is a new type of computer. It’s fast, runs exclusively in a web-browser based OS, and is selling like hotcakes at the moment. Don’t underestimate it’s seemed lack of real Operating System or storage, as the Chromebook could indeed be the future of the modern PC.
  • Google Keyboard For Android It’s an alternative to the standard keyboards on Android devices. It’s accurate with guessing words, its fast and reliable and it’s totally bloody awesome! Use the Swipe-To-Type feature and your texting skills will change forever.
  • Why Now Is Time To Use Cloud Services Google Drive, Dropbox and so much more are now on offer as online storage. But why should you use them? Take a read and once again change your life forever.
  • Android As A Desktop Operating System One day Android will take over the World. Well, it is a Linux derivative isn’t it!
  • Why I’m Not Excited About The New Generation Of Consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Pah!!!! Why needs them? Am I being grumpy or is there just nothing on offer at the moment?

There should be something there for everyone, and hopefully 2014 will be an even more productive year in writing.

Whatever you decide to do in 2014, please keep visiting my blog, spread the word and have a good time.