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Friday, 16 November 2007

Another Week Over :)

Oh! Thank God for that, another week is over. Been quite an eventful week, here are my highlights and lowlights...

First off, I had my test results back from the hospital. I had to have a few blood-tests as my dad has just been found to have cancer, so I have had some "early-warning" blood-tests. Thankfully, they all came back ok, except one. It seems I am anemic(?) so I just need more blood tests so that they can find out the best treatment for me. Fun, fun, fun!

As for work, I had to sack a 16 year-old boy for fraud on Thursday. His name was Ben, and he seemed to be the nicest lad working with me. However, it was all a front and he done dodgy dealings on over 15 deals! Not the kind of person you'd like to meet when you know what he's like. The guys from work have all threatened to take a base-ball bat to him as the fraud could have shut down our business... Some people!

As for the games front, I'm just so addicted to Call Of Duty 4 a minute on the PS3. This is one awesome game and the more I play it, the more it really is the best game ever. I also downloaded Sega Rally for the Sega Saturn emulator, and it's pretty cool. Not as good as the Dreamcast or PS3 versions, but still rather neat!

I awoke this morning at 7am, and turned on the TV and put on Tekken 5:DR... Another addictive game. I'm just soooo happy I finally got the PS3, means I get my favourite games all Hi-Res! Awesome stuff.

Untill next time...