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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy New Year!

Ok, so it's the eve of New Years eve. Just incase I don't get the chance, have a Happy New Year!

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On a little side note, this Christmas week WAS the best week this year, even though I have been really ill since boxing day. I had a virus that totally knocked me out, made me bed-bound until today, and even now I have lost the hearing in my left ear :( Ouch! It hurts. But what made it so good was the fact that Sara came down from Newport on Friday, nice and early, and has been with me until this morning. Everything was wonderful... And then an hour before she left, it was like there was this evil-time-bomb inside her, she totally changed. We had a HUGE argument for no reason other than I asked why she had suddenly gone into a bad mood (AH! Thats why!). One word lead to another and now... she says its all over for good this time.

Now, I've been here a few times since Saras accident a few weeks ago, but why oh why does this keep happening? It's like she shows she loves me, then she takes it away.... Each and every time!!! This week for example, amazing London trip, best Christmas, bad illness but she comes to comfort me and then... BANG!!!! Anyone got ANY ideas? Please let me know, cos I am pulling my hair out at the moment, as much as I love her!

Anyways, Happy New Year Amigos, talk soon!