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Monday, 29 September 2008

Summer's here! Wait... It's Autumn?

Ok, sorry I've been away for a longer time than normal, summer is here! Actually, as soon as the clock struck Autumn-O'Clock the sun came out and it's been like a very hot summer ever since. That's nt going to stay though, as they have given us heavy rain the next few days, but almost two weeks of glorious sun has been lovely.

I've been tied up in work. One of my managers has been on holidays, so I have had to do full-time work, which has been a pain, and kept me from sloping off early as I usually do. This is his last week off, so all things should be back to normal next week in theory.

I've been playing games in my spare time!I'm really addicted to Metal Gear Solid 4, which has to be one of the greatest games I have ever played. The graphics, sound and most of all the gameplay are out of this world and so far after 10 hours play I think I'm just under half way through it.

I've also been playing some Grand Theft Auto 4, usually when Karl is here. It's a fun game, with a great look, and I'll be concentrating on that once I have completed MGS4. I also have two new racing games. Pure is a Quad-bike ATV racing game, with some of the most beautiful graphics you have ever seen, and Wipeout HD is again, in a different way a stunningly beautiful looking game. This generation is really starting to kick in with the visuals and gameplay. Can't wait to spend more time on the games mentioned in this paragraph.

I eventually completed Killzone for the PS2. What a cracking gaming expereince that was. Concidering it was an old-skool PS2 game, I thouroughly enjoyed it.The gameplay was second to none, and now I'm really looking forward to Killzone 2 on the PS3.

In other events and news from my life. My father seems to be ok at the moment. He found out he had diabities as well as his other ailments. Of course I worry, so I do all I can to make him as happy as possible.

Things with me and Sara are great. I am currently hamster-sitting, as Sara will be away on a course so I will take care of Scoots. Sara needs to keep on top of her job by doing various training courses, hopefully in a few years time she will be running the Cardiology Department in the hospital. How cool would that be?

As for my health and job etc, everything is going alright a moment. I don't feel too bad, just got an achy knee now and again, nothing a bit of weight loss won't fix! Enjoying the job as mentioned above, and everything is just "swell" as they say.

Until the next time... Adios!