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Friday, 6 August 2010

The ultimate diet?

For me, food is life. I love food in every shape and form, and I could eat endlessly without a thought to my weight. Except, as got closer to 40, and then finally reached 40 my weight had ballooned to just under 19 and a half stone.

I took a look at myself one morning, and really didn't like what I seen. I had bought a new XL t-shirt for holidays and it just wouldn't fit me. It was time to do something, and time to do something fast. The only trouble was I really enjoyed food, so I looked around at many diets and sites telling me what the best diet was, and I came up with a plan.

Firstly, I cut certain things almost completely out of my diet. Gone was the bottle or two a day of coke and other fizzy drinks. Gone was the multiple bars of chocolate, and gone was the dozen or so chocolate biscuits. Also, I cut out eating chips almost every day or so.

So, this is a typical weekly and weekend diet for me... And the good thing is the weekend diet plan!

Monday to Friday Breakfast: Cereal, half the size of my usual stacked high bowl.

Monday to Friday Day Time: I have called this "Day Time" as instead of having one huge meal, I have broke down my food intake. I'll have a snack at 11am, usually an apple or a diet-cereal bar. Then dinner time (usually around 1pm) I will have more some food, such as a sandwich and some fruit, and later in the day around 3pm I'll have more fruit or a small snack.

Monday to Friday Evening Meal: For this meal it's usually a cut down version of a meal I used to have (so half the potions) served with jacket potato instead of chips. Also, egg or beans on toast quite a lot. Later in the evening if I was hungry I would have just 2 small biscuits.

It's surprising how fast your body gets used to this, and by eating less, more often, you really do stay full longer.

As for the weekends... From Friday evening to Sunday evening... EAT WHAT YOU WANT!!! However, after a few weeks of cutting back you will instinctively eat less anyway. It's perfect!

Following this plan, with also a little added exercise (walking more, standing up in work etc) may be a help to anyone who really hates diet but needs a way to lose weight.

As I said at the start, I was just uner 19 and a half stone, now I am 16 and a half stone just by following these simple steps. If you decide to add more excercise to the plan, I'm sure that the weight will come off even faster.

One word of warning though, in your first couple of weeks, don't expect miricles. It took at least 2 weeks before my weight started coming off me.