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Friday, 25 October 2013

Google Keyboard For Android

Google Keyboard vs Stock Android
Stock Android keyboards are good at doing their job, and most people don't realise that you can actually change them for other keyboards. There are other keyboards out there, but Google's own keyboard is an exceptional choice for those who want to type a lot of text quickly and accurately.

The Difference
Most keyboards do the job quite well, however spelling mistakes can be common and they don't always offer a variety of options. What Google Keyboard does is look good and perform to a level you simply won't be used to on your Android mobile phone.
It's key feature is the ability to swipe to type. You simply drag your fingers over the rough direction of the letters on your pad and the keyboard places that word on the screen. Without even thinking about it, it's quick and intuitive and this article was written using it on a Samsung S3 with not a single error while writing it. Swipe and type... Boom... That simple.
Even if you're a regular typist hitting each letter by letter, you'll notice the difference as this keyboard really know how to spell! I deliberately typed a few words incorrectly and without hesitation the keyboard corrected them for me. Words that are not in the dictionary such as place names or strangely spelt Christian names can be added easily to the dictionary and work perfectly once added.
Worth The Change?
Google Keyboards is free to download and use. It works better than the stock Android keyboard and genuinely saves you time. It has direct access to voice dictation and direct access to the keyboard settings.
An article like this would normally be tedious to write on a mobile phone, however it was simple to write and saved a lot of time compared to using the standard keyboard.
Swipe is accurate, type is accurate and voice input is accurate. This keyboard should be considered if you keep getting spelling errors on your current keyboard as it offers a lot considering it is a free application.
Simple To Replace
As a final word on the application, Google Keyboard is simple to install and configure. It talks you through configuration when you first run it, so as long as you follow the simple instructions it's easy.

UPDATE {November 9th 2013}
Google has updated the keyboard, the main difference is now that the streak that shows you where your fingers have been is now white instead of blue, while you can now keep your fingers sweeping and go over the space-bar to trigger new words. This works very well, and once mastered, typing becomes even faster then ever.

Also there are no emoticons that can be accessed straight from the keyboard, quickly and easily. With updates like these, Google's keyboard goes from strength to strength.