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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Top 5 Games Consoles - EVER!

Oh yes! You can tell I'm still not in full-time work because yet again I write another article/review to fill my time. This time we concentrate on the top 5 video games systems (ie consoles) of all time! Ignore the picture on the right as only 1 of those consoles makes my top 5!

Number FIVE Console: Nintendo SNES
A great console that during it's time came second to the Megadrive in sales. Over the years my love for the SNES has grown and I can now appriciate it's games and the technology that it was. An ideal way to experience this console now is to use emulation, and when you do, check out my top five SNES games... 1. Street Fighter II Turbo, 2. Super Mario Kart, 3. UN Squadron, 4. Super Mario Collection, 5. Rock'N'Roll Racing.

Number FOUR Console: Sony Playstation
The Sony Playstation cost me over £300 at launch, with just the one game! However, it was a jaw-dropping experience... and my gaming life would never be the same again. This was the first console to push 3D gaming, and it done that with style. Thankfully all following Playstations have been compatible with most PS1 games, so playing games from this beast of a console should be easy enough for anyone. My recommended top five Playstation games... 1. Wipeout 2097, 2. Spyro The Dragon, 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3, 4. Tekken 3, 5. Die Hard Trilogy.

Number THREE Console: Sega Megadrive
Whoa! Now this was THE 2D gaming console. It was the first console where I noticed a huge leap in graphics that made a difference to gameplay. The Megadrive's powerful 16-bit of processing power made it a powerhouse of a console and the huge catalogue meant that there was never a shortage of games to play. Playing these games is easy now through emulation, and my top five games for the Sega Megadrive are... 1. Golden Axe, 2. Streets Of Rage, 3. Sonic The Hedgehog, 4. Raiden Trad, 5. Super Monico GP.

Number TWO Console: Sega Dreamcast
The Sega Dreamcast was my number one favourite console for many years until the release of the PS3. It doesn't have the biggest catalogue of games, but what it does have is some amazing arcade ports, and the ability to play copies with modifications!!! Play some real classics with some great graphics, the way only Sega can make games! The best five games for the Sega Dreamcase... 1. Ferrari F355 Challenge, 2. Crazy Taxi, 3. Soul Calibur, 4. Dead Or Alive, 5. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Ultimate Version.

Number ONE Console: Sony Playstation 3 (Original 60GB Version)
So, a current generation console at the number one spot? This goes against everything I used to stand for, however in the two years of owning my PS3 it has shown that even owning other consoles, nothing compares to this amazing machine. The reason it's number one is that it really does have some amazing games that have changed my view on gaming, plus it plays the majority of PS2 games (hense the PS2 is not on my list). Forget the negative press, this machine is THE gaming machine of now and the future. My top five PS3 titles are... 1. Metal Gear Solid 4, 2. Killzone 2, 3. Fight Night Round 3, 4. Racedriver: Grid, 5. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

So, there we have it. Missing out on the top five was the PS2 as I now class my PS3 as part of the same machine (with its backwards compatability) and the Sega Saturn, which is a great games machine, however has a very limited games catalogue... Damn, need to play the definitive version of the original Outrun now I've mentioned the Saturn!

I hope you've enjoyed, and please check out the games mentioned. If you need a hand with emulation give me a shout and I'll gladly help you!

:) Mark