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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

San Francisco

Ok, I'm off to San Francisco with Sara now for nearly 2 weeks. We've got our money, we've got our clothes, our gadgets and everything else. My last mission was to print off various "money off" vouchers for use while in 'Cisco so now it's less than 12 hours and we're getting very excited.

The only way to keep up with us will be to join me on Twitter. My Twitter address is listed on this page, so just add me and follow our exploits! Hopefully we'll have wi-fi for use with my netbook, if not in the hotel room, then I know there are wi-fi spots around SF area.

12.1mp Digital Camera... Check
720p Camcorder... Check
Netbook for Internet Use/Twitter... Check
Samsung Pixon Phone with 8.1 Camera... Check
Over $1200... Check
Passports... Check
Travel Documents... Check
Baggage... Check

Oh Yes! I'll catch you all on Twitter. Enjoy the updates!

:) Mark