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Thursday, 22 March 2012

House Of The Dead Overkill PS3 Review

Let's get one thing straight. "House Of The Dead - Overkill" on the PS3 is one Mother F**ker of a game. It's best played with the Playstation Move controller, and is a straight forward on-the-rails shooter.

You play as Agent G or Detective Isaac Washington and basically plough through wave after wave of Zombies.The PS3 version is a HD version of the Wii game, but with a couple of extra levels added on, plus a few other extras such as the awesome Directors Cut Mode. Other characters in the game you'll meet are Papa Caesa, Varla Gunns, Candi Stryper and the odd Warden Clement Darling.Let me just point out though, these guys (and gals) are not your everyday heroes or villains. Nope! They one f**ked up bunch of Mother F**kers who help propel a superb story along at a great rate.

Erm... You may have noticed some swearing in this review. That's because if there's one thing in this game in abundance, its swearing. This game is an 18 certificate, and the language shows it. It's also extremely sexist, and you'll get semi-naked women, big boobs and typical sexist remarks every few seconds in the game. But, that's what makes this game good, or should I say Fantastic! The script of the game is B-Movie material, and the game does not take itself seriously for one second.

So, how does the game hold up? Well, as an on-rail-shooter it stacks up pretty well. There are lots of things to shoot, great locations, great animations, great action sequences and so much over-the-top game play that your brain will melt and your trigger finger will be super-sore. Overkill is a brilliant game with a lot to do, you can collect money to upgrade your weapons, you can unlock character models, comics and music.

Talking of music, this game is an aural treat. The soundtrack is funky and it just feels damn right down and dirty, just like the rest of the game. Dialogue is quirky, and sometimes downright outrageous, and because the game doesn't take itself seriously, it feels perfect for the target audience.

House Of The Dead Overkill has some mean little boss sequences, but once you find their weak spots, it becomes a piece of cake. The game is paced superbly, and the difficulty is about right on the normal level. Directors Mode has longer sequences and more baddies on screen at once, making it even more of a challenge.

Overall then, I would highly recommend anyone with a PS3 to buy this beauty of a game. It's easy to pick-up and play, fun and most of all a blast! Every PS3 gamer should get this game now while it's dirt-cheap.