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Monday, 30 April 2012

Avengers Assemble Review

The Avengers, or as it's called in the UK The Avengers Assemble (Marvel seem to think people might confuse it with the camp-spy-thriller of the same name that was on TVs during the 1960's) is an action movie based on super-heroes from the Marvel Universe. It loosely follows up from the recent films Captain America and Thor and brings together the Worlds Mightiest Heroes for the fight of their lifetime.

Marvel have tried many times to make great films, and for the most part they succeed. However, is Avengers Assemble the best Marvel film yet? Is it better than the two enjoyable Hulk films? Is it more action packed than the Thor film? Is it filled with more gadgets than both Iron Man 1 and 2? If it slicker than Spiderman? Is it dark like the worlds of Daredevil and Elektra? Is it as much fun as an X-Men movie? Well, to sum it up, it's all of the above and a hell of a lot more. Marvels The Avengers is a blockbuster of the finest quality in all departments, right from the off it's filled with funny one-liners, great action sequences and special effects that make your eyes pop-out in awe!

For comic fans myself it was a joy to watch the inter-play between characters such as Banner and Stark. These two characters in particular were fun to watch on-screen. Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr who brings the comic book character of Iron Man to life on a par with how Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine (probably the greatest interpretation of a Marvel Character). Meanwhile, Mark Raffalo plays Dr David Banner in a way not seen since the TV series. For fans of the original TV show, its good to know that The Hulk in this film is voiced by none-other than Lou Ferrigno... The original Hulk!

Thor and Captain America carry on from the recent films, and both add a lot to the film. Again, it's nice to see these comic book characters brought to life with such great acting from Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. Personally I believe that Captain America didn't have as much as a role as he could have had in the film, and this was a little bit of a wasted opportunity. However, Iron Man and The Hulk are such strong characters that they stole most of the scenes that they were in.

The rest of the cast were pretty much done correctly too. Scarlett Johansson reprised her role as Black Widow, however this time they beefed up the characters role and made her much more enjoyable to watch. Hawkeye was played by Jeremy Renner, and again this was close to the comic book character in almost every way.

The bad guy this time was Loki, Thor's brother. Once again played by Tom Hiddleston, and once again a joy to watch. For a bad guy, Loki was fun to watch and had some great one-liners.There's one particular scene which is played to great comedy effect when Loki has a fight with The Hulk. Let's just say the audience in the cinema erupted with laughter.

Avengers Assemble's plot is usual action-movie fare. The bad guys have stolen an energy force that opens a gate-way to another world so the bad-guys can invade in numbers. The invasion is particularly impressive, with some of the best CGI I have ever seen. Fight scenes are fun and full of action, and the movie is generally just one huge action-fest that has you glued from start to finish.

Now to the bad point of the film. As a fan of graphic novels (the new and grown-up word for comics), The Avengers also contain Spiderman!!! Why oh why was he missing from this film? Another Avenger who was missing was Wolverine, again he would have been awesome in this film. What people don't realise is that The Avengers have had hundreds of members over the years coming in and out of the storyline, but Spiderman has almost always been an Avenger! And Wolverine is in the latest stories. Apart from that, and the thought of how much better it would have been to have these characters, I will award The Avengers Assemble a glowing BLOCKBUSTER rating. It's a must own on blu-ray when it gets released, and if the end credits are anything to go by, the follow-up to it should be just as exciting.

Stop reading this now and go watch it!!!